Batik Primal Pillow (Large)

Batik Primal Pillow (Large)

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A cousin of the Primal Khadi, this generous pillow has a panel of glyphs set alongside the movement of rich black ribbons. Linear and soft shapes exist side by all, proudly offering its visual dynamism to the world.

Nestle up against this 100% African cotton pillow with your favorite book, hold it in your lap while you listen intently to your best friend recount her latest travel adventures, or admire it from across the room. Our hope is that it will bring you a sense of reassurance, and act as a reminder to tap into that core, primal part of yourself.

This piece was designed by Marilet Pretorius and hand batiked by the wonderful women of Baobab Batik, a socially conscious enterprise in eSwatini (Swaziland), Southern Africa. The intricacy of this design takes many hours to complete and consists of three different color dips, the tones layered to create a rich and deep color palette.

Approximate dimensions: 23.5 x 23.5"
Heavyweight 100% African cotton
Hidden metal zipper
Back panel: solid black

(sold without insert)


Please note that as this piece was hand-made, each one is unique and different so you may notice small visual quirks and irregularities. May we invite you to embrace and love your piece’s unique markings, letting them remind you of the hands who’s time, work, and expertise went into its creation.