Work With Marilet

Commission Marilet to create artwork, designs, patterns, or illustrations for your home or commercial project. She has created visual identities for brands and businesses, has collaborated with interior designers and stylists on creative projects, and has created custom textiles for interior applications. Please send Marilet a message via the Contact page and let her know how she may be of value to you and your project.

21 Men

Marilet was commissioned to create a set of icons to represent five of the 21 men featured in this project by Rea Bennett. Photographer Troy Aossey. A symbol was also commissioned for the front and back covers, representing the Masculine principle. The subject of these interviews and portraits was the exploration of twenty-one men’s understanding of their Social vs their Authentic Selves. (photo credit: ps:studios)


Art For Esalen Styling


Marilet Pretorius carved redwood blocks and redwood wedge sculpture used in styling of Fritz House, Esalen in Big Sur, California by Interior Designer Carissa Duncan of Salt + Bones. (photo credit: Laure Joliet)


Folktale Winery, Brand Identity Design

Brand identity design, including logo, medallion, wine labels, packaging, and property signage for Folktale Winery in Carmel Valley, California. (photo credit: Eileen Roche)


Private Collection

Artwork in private collection and featured on blog. (photo credit: Eileen Roche)