for individuals and groups

Benefit from the intuitive techniques and skills, studied and honed over the past 12 years, that Marilet uses daily in her own life and work.

For an energy reset of your mind, body, and soul, look to the Reconnect Sessions. For deeper insights into your life and its patterns, consider a Symbol Reading.

Book a session for yourself (or as a gift ) below.

What are you currently reaching for?


personal online session
$80 (40 minutes)

Sink deeply back as we clear and ground your space.
Reconnect to your truth and your essence.

During this 40 minute online session, Marilet will guide you on a meditative journey. Taking your unique energy into account, she will take you through a personalized sequence of visualizations. Open up your natural ability to reconnect with your higher self and innate intuition, while resetting and replenishing your energy.


online session for you + your private group (up to 8 people)
$240 (60 minutes)

Relax and restore your energies during this guided meditation experience.
Reconnect with yourself and your group.

During this 60 minute online session, Marilet will guide your chosen group (of dear friends, family members, your work team...) on a meditation journey. Strengthen and clear your own energy field, while strengthening the bonds that unite you as a group. Enjoy a personalized sequence of visualizations aimed at increasing your individual and group wellbeing.


personal online session
$150 (60 minutes)

What guidance and insight are you currently reaching for?
The symbols tell me a story, your story.

During your 60 minute online session, Marilet will intuitively view your unique energy in the form of shapes and symbols. These images contain messages specific to you and your life. She will share the sketches of what she is seeing with you and then translate their meaning and how this information applies to your life’s narrative.

You’ll receive a follow up summary of your session, allowing you to fully relax and immerse yourself into the symbols realm during your time together.


Commission artwork embedded with the imagery from your Symbol Session.
Created by Marilet in her studio, using earth pigments and plant dyes.



"Her insights from our session have stayed with me like spirit anchors."
- Heidi Gustafson (Early Futures)
"My symbol session with Marilet was like nothing I had ever experienced and it changed my life by giving me the clarity and guidance I needed to move forward in my own creative pursuits."
- Holly Howard (Ask Holly How)
"I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Marilet. It was a relaxing, beautiful time together. I loved the imagery that came to her, and how it was explained to me. All very interesting and thought-provoking. Highly recommended!"
- Chloe