Symbol Sessions

Discover the symbols that relate to you and to where you are on your path. Explore a certain topic or be open to seeing what information presents itself during your personalized session. Together, we'll delve into the empowering communication that is waiting for you, exploring these realms in a neutral and non-judgemental way. I believe that we all have free will and that our day-to-day decisions hold the power to change the course of our lives. Embracing a grounded and light-hearted way of working, I intuitively access information in picture form, distilled down into images, shapes, and symbols. Some of these symbols are universal and some are unique to you, the individual. What guidance and insight are you currently reaching for? These symbols tell a story, your story.

Sessions are conducted via FaceTime / Skype / a phone call and are 30, 60, or 90 minutes in length. Additionally, I offer custom-made artwork and textiles, embedded with the symbols from your session, sacred and ready to further impart their knowledge to you in a non-verbal and powerful way.

Schedule your session, request a price list PDF, or ask questions by filling out the form on the Contact page.