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Over the past 18 months my work has shifted from focusing on individual symbols and shapes into realms where net-like structures appeared. As I started working with them, I very quickly realized that they offer a deep sense of calm and comfort. They are imperfect, yet strong and resilient. They allow the viewer to glimpse layers and textures of the past through their window-like openings. They drape themselves over individual stories, somehow helping to hold things upright and organized. Composed equally of positive and negative elements, these seen and unseen areas are precisely what allow the pattern to exist and keep its form. While working with this pattern, I experience a sense of welcoming warmth and depth, as well as feeling closer to Nature and her mysterious intelligence.


I’m interested in patterns, shapes, and visual structures which bring me into a meditative state, offer a form of comfort, hold insight and knowledge, and are non-verbal messages and clues that speak to the universal, archaic, primal aspects of the experience on Earth. I create work from these realms. Applying my intuitive methods of accessing imagery, I translate what I see and sense and know from deep within my bones into a visual language using materials from nature (mainly earth pigments, botanical dyes, and graphite). I strive to honor these materials, my hands rearrange the particles into new forms with the hope of contributing my portion of goodness into the world, and into people’s homes and lives.

Special Project:
In Support of Artisans

Designed by Marilet and translated into hand-batiked cloth by the team of women artisans of Baobab Batik, a social enterprise in Southern Africa. This project aims to support ongoing employment in the artisan sector while honoring and preserving the batik textile tradition.

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