custom artifacts

Commission Marilet to create an artwork embedded with imagery that holds a beneficial frequency and is attuned to you. Handmade using earth pigments and plant dyes on cloth, paper, and wood.

Think of these pieces as visual medicine.

Pricing starts at $280 and includes a Symbol Reading.

I Want an artifact


"When I received my Symbol Artifact it immediately felt familiar and took me back to some of my thoughts during the session. I literally embraced it! There are times in my own work where symbols emerge from my imagination that I don’t immediately ascribe meaning to, and it’s over time the meaning becomes more clear. I’ve had a similar experience with the custom piece Marilet created for me, and keep it in my studio among my other inspirational objects."
- Lisa Hunt (artist + designer)
"Everytime I go out to sacred places, especially where I do my own spiritual work with ochres, I wear Marilet’s piece... simultaneously feeling like an invisibility cloak, protection, armor and beautiful invitation to beneficial beings."
- Heidi Gustafson (of Early Futures)
"The object that Marilet created from our symbol session is a daily reminder to me to devote my time to my creative practice and embrace my own unique process. It gave me the confidence I needed to pursue my own vision of my work."
- Holly Howard (of Ask Holly How)