Commission Your Artifact

Commission Marilet to create artwork embedded with imagery attuned specifically to you and your space. This offering is a uniquely personalized experience and includes a video session where the meaning and message behind the shapes and patterns accessed for you will be discussed. Your custom piece will be created by Marilet using earth pigments and plant dyes in her California studio. (custom gift option available)

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Featured Commissions

“Marilet's ability to spiritually connect to my innermost heart work, and her capacity to translate that into stunning forms and words, and give it back to me in a textile I can carry and wear out forever, was a totally special and profound experience. Her work is the very best kind of gift and offering.” —HEIDI GUSTAFSON
“Her insights from our session have stayed with me like spirit anchors.

Everytime I go out to sacred places, especially where I do my own spiritual work with ochres, I wear her piece around my neck or head or back, simultaneously feeling like an invisibility cloak, protection, armor and beautiful invitation to beneficial beings. I'm not sure how I ever lived without Marilet's magic!”
“There are times in my own work where symbols emerge from my imagination that I don’t immediately ascribe meaning to, and it’s over time the meaning becomes more clear. I’ve had a similar experience with my Artifact and keep it in my studio among my other inspirational objects.” —LISA HUNT
“When I received my Artifact it immediately felt familiar and took me back to some of my thoughts during the session. I literally embraced it!” —LISA HUNT
“I was pleasantly surprised by Marilet's ability to see my being so deeply and so quickly. Even virtually her presence and guidance made me feel immediately calm and open to a better understanding of myself.

The object that she created from our session is a daily reminder to me to devote my time to my creative practice and embrace my own unique process. It gave me the confidence I needed to pursue my own vision of my work.”
“My session with Marilet was like nothing I had ever experienced and it changed my life by giving me the clarity and guidance I needed to move forward in my own creative pursuits.” —HOLLY HOWARD

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